grilled chicken and eggplant sandwich
My sad attempt not to dirty any extra dishes.
Back in my Cleveland days, I had an AMAZING grilled chicken and eggplant sandwich at some restaurant near my law school job.  Every now and then I think about making that sandwich, get busy and forget.  Last night, I wanted to do something with the B1G2 free boneless skinless chicken breasts I scored at Harris Teeter on Sunday night ($2.01 a pack after using $1 off chicken Sara Lee bread tear off q's I found during my visit). The chicken was partially thawed when I got it home and not wanting to refreeze it, I stuck it in the frig.  Fast forward to last night, and on our way home, I remember all that chicken in the frig.  Grilled it all, along with most of the veggies I had in the frig.  It wasn't until we got back in the house that I realized what I'd grilled.  Anyway, it was it good.  Wanna know how to make it?  Wrote a song about it, wanna hear it, here it go:

(To the tune of McDonald's Big Mac song)

'Half grilled chicken breast,
roasted eggplant,
grilled onions,
seasoned lightly on a Sara Lee bun.'

My 11 year old sous chef helped get our homemade bbq grill going and chopped the veggies for gilling. The kids topped theirs with a little ketchup, hubby and I enjoyed ours with some roasted garlic bbq sauce, extra veggies on the side and that was dinner.  Big hit with us, hope you like it too!

G, what happened to the rest of that chicken?  I'll play around with a couple breasts tonight, but the rest is going in the freezer for future meals this month.

homemade bbq grill
That's our $25 homemade bbq grill! We built it by making a pallet frame that supports 2 washtub style cans. We use the big one for grilling and the small one for smoking (as it has a lid). Haven't grilled in forever, nice night to start again.
Late night Harris Teeter run: Got all this and 2 gallons fat free milk and 2L soft drink for about $80.
Harris Teeter E-Vic deals
Here's another view of the Harris Teeter shopping trip spoils. If you're not signed up for E-Vic, do it now. I got 2 of the cereals and the two bagged salads for $.97. Two Kashi dinners sold for $1 each. Non-EVic deal 2 bagged avocados also $.97 each last week.
sara lee tear off q's help save $$ on meat
Thanks to Sara Lee tear off q's in store, I got $1 off deli meat that was on sale AND 3 packs of B1G2 free boneless skinless chicken breasts at $2.01 a pack with a couple $1 off chicken Sara Lee q's!

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