Coupon filled Sunday papers cost $2 in my city.  When I started couponing I found out that our local paper ran a promotion allowing people to subscribe to the Sunday paper only and get a second paper for $1.50.  I missed the boat on that one and thought I'd be forever doomed to spend gas money buying $4 worth of newspapers every Sunday.

On my trip to Bi-Lo today, a gentleman named Rico was selling weekend subscriptions (Friday, Saturday, Sunday and a free Monday paper during football season) for $13.80 a month. When I signed up I also got a $10 Bi-Lo gift card and a couple extra coupon inserts for my trouble.  People that sign up for a week's worth of news home delivered $16.25 will get a $20 gift card.  This deal is for people not currently subscribing to the Post and Courier magazine.  It's a month to month subscription that automatically renews.  If you cancel your subscription before six months has passed you'll be on the hook for the cost of the gift card.  Rico's going to be at Sam Rittenberg store til 6 pm today. I'm starting a basic coupon class at church in a couple weeks and wanted to pass on the information.  If you can't come to the store, you can contact him by phone at 1-859-368-3773.

Can't wait to have my Sunday paper waiting for me in the morning!  Also, my daughter.

This new subscription also means that we'll get Business Review, Health and Science, Fashion and High Profile features in addition to the laundry list of features in the Sunday paper. My daughter's gonna love getting fashion trend information that she can turn into cute outfits she makes herself.   We'll also have more newspaper that can be used as mulch in our garden or even to clean the windows.

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