emergency food box filled with food coupon buys
Food coupon pros can put an emergency food box together in minutes.
"If there is a lesson to be drawn on this anniversary, it is this: we are one nation bound not only by grief but also by a set of common ideals. By giving back to our communities, by serving people in need, we reaffirm our ideals." President Obama

If you don't know what you can do to give back to your community, Feeding America offers a great idea with packing an emergency food box for yourself and for a family in need this September.  For the unschooled, non-couponing community that sounds like an expensive order but if you're taking advantage of those B1G1 free sales, you're up to the challenge! Shoot, you already have everything you need in your surplus to pack a couple boxes today, am I right? Over the course of our food coupon journey, our family's been blessed to do just that for two other households.  We've also taken some awesome ladies on one-on-one couponing 101 grocery shopping trips. Two basic coupon classes are on the horizon at the Dream Center and at Metanoia this fall.  Teaching someone to save money and get more food using food coupons is a free gift that keeps on giving.

You don't have to be on SouthernSavers.com staff (which I'm definitely not) to reach out and love on someone in your life or a perfect stranger in the time that it take to get your q's together for your next shopping trip.  If you want more ideas on what you can do to take Hunger Action this month, check out Feeding America's Hunger Action Month webpage.

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