red velvet cake and brownie and s'more cupcakes
Something decadent for a change!  With plenty of Betty Crocker Brownie mix and Devil's Food Cake mixes in stock, we played around with some things and have a page full of dessert recipes including recipes for the (Not So) Red Velvet Brownie and Cake and S'more Brownie Cupcakes!

You know me, I added ground flax seed to the s'more brownie mix to add some kind of fiber to the recipe.  Shared a cupcake with my husband, it was pretty good. I liked the distinctive chewy texture from the marshmallows. I just shared with Patricia, that you have to indulge wisely with chocolate and any other  intense snackage.  Make it for a potluck on the condition that you get the first piece. Portion control issue solved!

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Last Updated November 26, 2010
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