Great weekend for the Freedom Garden wannabe (that's me).  Although the tikka-like chicken we grilled didn't come from our flock (not quite that tough) and the grilled pizza dough came out of a Pillsbury can, we did grow and/or cook yesterdays dinner in our backyard.  The mini garden wall's been doing well with the salad greens, purple mustard greens and Swiss chard we planted a week and a half ago.  So motivated now to do much more (except the cleanup part).  If I can do it, so can you.  Here's a brief video tour of our backyard.  Improving the quality of videos is definitely on the to-do list.
If the video isn't clear enough, here are a few final pics of dinner last night.  Instead of the veggie pizza, we ended up finishing our ground sausage and pepper pizzas in the toaster oven ($20 deal from Goodwill). Hopefully something you see inspires the wannabe Freedom Gardener in you too!
Last Updated December 12, 2011
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