Rebecca O'Brien, deconstruction diva from Sustainable Warehouse posted this vid on Sustainable Warehouse's Facebook page.  Now you see, why my preference is for reusing items. By the way, Rebecca's always on the lookout for deconstruction volunteers.  If I recall, people that go out and help can earn Volunteer Bucks that can be cashed in for salvaged building materials.  Check out Rebecca's Sustainable Warehouse page (be sure to 'Like It').  Here's a few of other places around the Tri-County SC area where you can get cheap used building materials.
  • List of SC Habitat for Humanity ReStores - Side note: Seacoast Church partners with the Mt. Pleasant and Johns Island locations.
  • Community Thrift Store - 5300 Rivers Avenue, Charleston, SC 29406
  • Goodwill Stores - too many to list but my faves are the stores on Six Mile Road and Coleman Boulevard in Mt. Pleasant SC. The Rivers Avenue store (near the Community Thrift Store) is my location for used computer equipment and cool clothes sold by the pound. 99% of the fashionista-in-training's restyle project materials come from these two stores. Haven't tried store in West Ashley or the Ladson area yet.  Remember, Goodwill has loyalty cards.  Once you reach 250 points, you get 25% off your purchases.
Do you have any other good thrift stores to shout out?  Let me know.
Last Updated December 12, 2011
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