A holiday wreath from the first ever Art Cart rolling workshop in North Charleston, SC.
Over at the Urban Veggucation website, I shared many of the benefits that a community garden brings to any neighborhood, especially one like ours. Since July, we have worked really hard to grow food in our humble space on Spruill Avenue.  We're still getting the water issue figured out but that hasn't stopped us from making the most of what we have.

Sharing the garden's gradual transition with friends and volunteers sparked our newest event - the first ever Lowcountry Art Cart. Art Cart is an artist-led alternative exhibition space/art workshop on wheels that is designed to engage diverse communities in the immediacy of contemporary art. Founded by artist, educator and my sister from another mister, Ms. Jonell Jaime Pulliam. Ironically, our 'fierce fields' collided while working together on a Freedom from Hunger mural she led at the Lowcountry Food Bank almost 3 years ago. The Cart brings movable art-making workshops and art exhibitions to neighborhoods throughout the Tri-County Area. It's a rolling gallery that brings the work of contemporary artists to various communities in Charleston, and the larger South Carolina community. It's primary goals are to:
  • Support contemporary artists in Charleston, SC by providing an alternative exhibition space.
  • Expand the artist and community experience of contemporary art by offering exhibitions of invited artists from around the country.
  • Introduce various communities to new artwork by bringing the artwork to them. Communities will include the downtown area, public parks/gathering places, and traditionally non-art viewing neighborhoods.
  • Provide a rolling workshop where exhibiting/participating artists can bring art-making projects to the local community including seniors, families, and students.
On Saturday December 10, Metanoia Civic and Young Leaders, Metanoia staff and neighborhood youth joined Jonell and both our families at the garden to create wreaths and holiday door hangings using sustainable materials (sourced from discarded plant matter gathered during my volunteer hours in Hampton Park). Creativity bloomed despite passing showers and chilly temps. Not only did we create together but we also broke bread together, dining on turkey sandwiches served on whole wheat bread topped with fresh lettuce from the garden; oranges; lemongrass tea, bottled water and a variety of sweets.

Jonell is an artist and educator with over 13 years of experience working in museums, colleges, and community based organizations in New York City and  Charleston, SC. She hails from New York City and has worked at major art museums including The Met, the Whitney, and The Studio Museum in Harlem, as well as the Gibbes Museum of Art in Charleston, SC. Her own artwork uses printmaking, drawing and interactive installations to explore social dynamics and personal interactions.

Our children helped me decorate the newly planted Carolina fir Christmas tree. Based on what the neighbors wanted, our community garden is built to support socializing and food production. Bringing more Art Cart activities to North Charleston seems to be a perfect way to accomplish that goal.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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