Square inched peas.
After all the discussion (in my head at least), I finally got around to making the square inch garden soil mix I learned about from the Dervaes' blog.  Instead of actually planting them in a traditional raised bed, I filled the homemade growbags the fashionista made for me for Christmas. To get the square inch effect, I planted inside and in between cut up toilet paper and holiday gift wrap rolls. They worked fabulously.  Now the little green peas and sugar snaps are starting to come up and we'll be able to get our stir fry on more regularly.

Feel free unearth the details of the process on the Freedom Gardens website.
After months of researching and finding best practices online, our new and improved urban homestead is taking shape (again). This time, the focus is on creating attractive productive spaces that are easy to manage for people with busy schedules, like me. What we're planning is a combination of permaculture food forest, African keyhole garden, winter sowing, greenhouses and the Dervaes' square inch gardening method. Built the first (of 8) African keyhole beds earlier this week. Hubby and me repositioned fruit trees and bushes on the fence line and in the backyard today. My everything hurts but it was well worth it.

Last Updated December 12, 2011
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