urban garden-ese
Urban garden-ease: making use of the stuff you already have
Neglected produce and coffee grounds can help me grow more stuff!
G, what do these two pics have to do with urban gardening?  Good question.  The first picture is like the Thrill of Victory - cantaloupe I had for breakfast with my morning cup of Joe came from my backyard garden.  I didn't plant any seeds to get this to grow, it actually sprouted out of our composting our chicken's poop.  (I took that bowl of cantaloupe and cukes out to our new flock to thank them in advance for the work they're gonna be doing for us.

The second pic shows some spoiled garden vegetables and other veggie remnants that went bad when I was out of town.   The Agony of Defeat right - or is it?  If all I do is toss this stuff into the trash to be hauled to the landfill then it is.  Instead, I'm reusing it (and my coffee grounds) to make compost that'll go back to work for me in the garden.  I'm also reusing that Earthbound Farms lettuce container to hold some of my food scraps in the future.  That same lettuce container also helped me score about 8 Earthbound Farm coupons, including two coupons for free salad. Reusing (instead of recycling) is the gift that keeps on giving.

Contrary to what many believe urban gardening doesn't have to be an expensive proposition. CAUTION: Urban garden-ease does involve some labor intensive weekends, but you can handle it.  Next I'll show you two lazy compost methods in a space I'm prepping for a medicinal herb garden in the front yard.
sweet potato harvest
Most of our fall 2009 sweet potato harvest.
That's what a neighbor lady told my husband after getting her share of the 20-30 pounds of the most succulent home grown sweet potatoes that I completely neglected last summer.  There were enough to go around to 4 different families twice.  When we scrubbed and baked the first few to eat 'au naturel,' the entire house smelled like sweet potato pie!  Everyone that gets to know me for a few minutes assumes that the pride I take in being completely covered in dirt that comes from a rural upbringing.  Not even close.

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