As you may remember, the unsexed chickens we raised from biddies turned out to be mostly roosters.  So we needed more hens and no one on Craigslist Charleston has been posting the quantities or breeds I've been seeking out.  A new chicken acquaintance pointed me to the a vendor at the Flea Market on the Ladson, SC Fairgrounds as a potential source for new egg layers.  After we sold off the last of our chicken dudes last Saturday, we headed toward Ladson but just missed the vendor but found produce and a few cool recipes that I'll share elsewhere.

Anyway, we went back on Sunday after church and met Abby from BIG CHICKENS on a little farm.  She and Jerry operate a livestock farm in Cross, SC.  She only sells from the fairgrounds on Saturdays and Sundays from 8 am to 3 pm.  She usually keeps a generous supply of hens on hand. But you can call her with special requests ahead of time. 

Here are some of her prices for basic livestock
  • Chickens $12
  • Rabbits $15
  • Ducks $15
You have to buy large quantities (20 or more) to get a discount.  She also sells goats, assorted poultry and other livestock.  Give her a call to find out more about prices and varieties. They can be reached at 843-834-5561 or 843-514-9612. or  Once we get the hang of managing our small flock, we'll see you there one Saturday or Sunday.
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